Inventory Management Software

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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software monitors financial and accounting details of any Company and provide details of inventory-stock, voucher entries, sale-purchase orders and income-expense details of the Company. Company accounting software provides data connectivity feature for accessing financial records via local area network. Software reduces account errors, data redundancy, increases business values and improves customer service by generating clear and brief report, which helps in safe decision-making.

Windows compatible financial management program facilitates single-entry accounting method that saves your valuable time. Integrated business management utility is a user-friendly accounting package that helps in full control of your business and is very easy to understand even for Home users.

Inventory Management Software
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Software Features :-

  • Maintains the entire accounting and financial transactions of any organization.
  • Manages multiple Company records and creates new company accounts.
  • Maintains Voucher entry details, Stock/Inventory records, Sale/Purchase order and other business transactions.
  • Manages end-to-end business accounting transaction records of Account, Item, Store, Unit, Bill Sundry information.
  • Supports multiple tax account management like sale tax, service tax etc.
  • Generates Ledger report, Balance sheets, Stock report, Purchase report, Production report and Profit-Loss records.
  • Provides advance currency management facility for business transactions.