Excel Converter

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Product Information
Excel Converter

Excel Converter software converts thousands of XLSX files into XLS and XLS files into XLSX into a fast batch process. Excel conversion program allows you to select multiple files simultaneously or browse folder along with the subfolders for converting excel files from one format to another.

Batch excel converter program can convert single or multiple numbers of excel files without installation of Microsoft office.

Excel Converter
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Software Features :-

  • Excel converter software quickly converts XLS to XLSX files and XLSX to XLS files successfully.
  • Batch excel conversion program empowers you to select multiple files at the same time or browse entire folder with all subfolders.
  • Excel converter program provides option to save not converted or same extension files.
  • Excel Converter software can work without installation of Microsoft Office in your PC.
  • Excel conversion software is developed with easy-to-use interface, so that novice user can handle this program.